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SCIENCE Classroom Requirements

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Course Requirements 2016-2017
Attached are the course requirements for science.
File name: course requirements.SCIENCE.2016.2017.doc | Size: 35.5 KB

Lab Safety Contract
Attached you will find the Lab Safety Contract for all science classes
File name: Laboratory Safety Contract.doc | Size: 32.5 KB

Online Textbook Information
This is the letter that explains how to access the science textbook series online. This is a universal username and password for ALL science classes.
File name: txbkonlineform.pdf | Size: 63.21 KB

Science Supply List 2016
Students will require the following items for science class. This list can also be found on the home page and the OnCourse web page.
File name: Supply List For Science.docx | Size: 12.83 KB

Science Syllabus
Attached is a list of major topics covered in both 6th and 7th grade Science.
File name: Syllabus 2016.docx | Size: 13.17 KB