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7th Grade Archives

This is a link to class notes, course papers, and sample tests. These tests will help you study.

So Use Them!!!!!

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2010 - 2011 Course Requirements
Attached is the document regarding course requirements for 7th grade science
File name: course requirements 1011 grade 7.doc | Size: 44.5 KB

7th Grade 1st MP Study Guide
Attached is the review guide students received in class to help them prepare for Quarterly Exam.
File name: Grade 7 Q1 Review.docx | Size: 12.55 KB

7th Grade Syllabus 2007-2008
Here is a tentative schedule of topics and labs for the upcoming year. We begin with Physics so charge up those calculators!!!!
File name: 0708 grade 7 syllabus.doc | Size: 41 KB

Animals ch. 1 sample test
Here is the sample test for sponges, cnidarians, and worms. Use it to study for the final exam as well.
File name: 7th grade ch.1 animals test.doc | Size: 179 KB

Ch. 1 Motion Notes
Here's the power point we used in class
File name: ch. 1 motion.ppt | Size: 165 KB

Ch. 1 sample test - Motion
Here is the sample test for chapter 1. Remember we only reviewed sections 1 and 3, so when you see questions referring to plate tectonics - skip them! Good Luck!
File name: Chapter 1 sample test motion.doc | Size: 167 KB

Ch. 2 forces study guide
Hope this helps!!
File name: ch2studyguide.PDF | Size: 102.3 KB

Ch. 2 sample test - solids, liquids, gases
I know with testing that we will be a bit behind schedule, so here's the sample test now....
File name: ch2 sample test slg.doc | Size: 187 KB

Ch. 3 Sample Test
This is the sample test for volcanoes. Use it as a review for the actual test.
File name: volcano sample test.doc | Size: 174.5 KB

Ch. 3 Sample Test Forces in Fluids
Here is the sample test for ch. 3 - forces in fluids. I recommend reviewing the pictures closely (winkwink) as we all know that I don't draw!!! Good Luck!!!
File name: forces in fluids sample test.doc | Size: 163 KB

Ch. 3 Sample test
Here is the sample test for ch.3 Elements and the Periodic Table. Remember that electron configuration, Bohr's models, and percent composition will also be on the test, so don't lose those worksheets!!!!!
File name: ch. 3 sample test cbb.doc | Size: 156.5 KB

Ch. 5 Rocks Sample Test
Thanks to Wu for reminding me to post sample tests!!! Here's the one for types of rocks and the rock cycle!
File name: Copy of Rocks Sample Test.doc | Size: 212.5 KB

Ch.1 Matter
This is the sample test for ch. 1 - Introduction to Matter. This is for the Chemical Building Blocks textbook.
File name: Ch1 sample test matter.doc | Size: 154 KB

Earthquake Test Review
This is the review sheet we made in class today with 7A!!
File name: Earthquake Test Review.doc | Size: 25 KB

Earthquakes Sample Test
Here is the sample test for ch. 2 on earthquakes. Use this to study from for the test in class!!!! You may find that the questions on my test are very similar to the ones on this sample test!!!!(hint hint wink wink ;) )
File name: chapter 2 sample test-earthquakes.doc | Size: 198 KB

Earthquakes power point Notes
This is the power point we used for our Earthquakes notes. For more information, check out the middleschoolscience.com site
File name: earthquakes-notes.ppt | Size: 2.14 MB

Earthworm Lab Packet
For those of you who might have left one behind.... Here's the copy.
File name: earthworm lab packet.pdf | Size: 284.86 KB

File name: GAK LAB.PDF | Size: 77.38 KB

Minerals power point presentation
For those of you who missed it - or lost it - or just need it again... here is the minerals ppt we used in class.
File name: Minerals ppt.ppt | Size: 748 KB

Newton's Laws Notes
Here are the notes we used in class. Good luck!
File name: Newtons_Laws_Notes.doc | Size: 332 KB

Periodic Table of the Elements - Names
Here is the PTE with the names
File name: PeriodicTable names.pdf | Size: 123.27 KB

Periodic Table of the Elements - No Names
Test yourself.... here is the PTE without the names
File name: PeriodicTable no names.pdf | Size: 96.21 KB

Rocks Sample Test
Here is a sample test for Ch. 5 - Rocks. Use this to study from as we will be having two quizzams rather than 1 big test for this unit due to Spring Break.
File name: Rocks Sample Test.doc | Size: 212 KB

Safety Notes
Here are some notes about safety in the science classroom. Appendix A in the textbooks will also provide reminders as well as a great study guide for your safety quiz on Monday (hinthintwinkwink;))
File name: Safety Notes.doc | Size: 27.5 KB

Safety in the Classroom
This file contains safety rules and a lab activity.
File name: Safety Rules and Questions.doc | Size: 34.5 KB

Sample Final Exam - Essay/ Diagram
Here is another 156 questions to help you study for the final exam. Look for diagrams that have been used in previous tests!!!!! Good Luck!!!
File name: Sample Final Exam essay.doc | Size: 615.5 KB

Sample Final Exam - Multiple Choice
Here are 250 questions that can help you study.... Good Luck!
File name: Sample Final Exam mc.doc | Size: 739 KB

Sample Minerals Test
Thanks to Amanda and Family!!!! I took this off the site last year and never put it back on!! Here it is - answers and all!! Good Luck!
File name: Minerals Sample Test.doc | Size: 155 KB

Sample Test for ch. 4 Work and Machines
Here is the sample test for ch. 4 on work and machines.... truly review the math portion!!!!!
File name: Sample Test Work and Machines.doc | Size: 156 KB

Volcano Notes
Here is the power point presentation that we used in class to help with Ch. 3.
File name: Volcanoes.ppt | Size: 1.93 MB

Wheel for physics formulas
Attached is a bad drawing of the wheel to help with all the physics formulas..... 1 - cover what you are looking for (it's hidden to you) 2 - if what's left is in a fraction - then divide to find the answer. 3 - if what's left is side by side then multiply to find the answer the trickiest one is acceleration because the top of the wheel will have 2 variables (final v - initial v)
File name: WHEEL.doc | Size: 24 KB

ch. 2 forces sample test
Here is the chapter 2 sample test for forces. Pay attention to diagrams as you all know I don't draw!!!
File name: ch2 forces sample test.doc | Size: 166 KB

plate tectonics sample test
Here is the ch.1 sample test for the new textbook Inside Earth. Use this to help you study for the test!!!!
File name: sample test-plate tectonics.doc | Size: 215 KB